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Wilderness First Aid Question

I have an opportunity to take a WFA training course. It is being held by NOLS. I am wondering if the BSA recognizes the training before I register.

@MichaelDonley - the wilderness first aid code is N02 in the national training database.

WFA Certification
BSA has identified the following providers as meeting the BSA’s requirements for WFA training: (1) American Red Cross , (2) Emergency Care & Safety Institute , and (3) providers accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) under the ACA’s standard “HW.2.2/ST.3.2 First Aid & Emergency Care Personnel ”. WFA courses offered by any other provider does not meet the BSA’s requirements. The ACA does not review courses for BSA units.

If WFA is required for your adventure (see BSA facilities’ requirements below), then you must obtain a certificate from one of the providers listed above. In addition, a current CPR/AED certificate is also needed. If you have specific questions on equivalencies, reach out to the entity running the program requiring WFA.

It looks like NOLS is not one of the providers listed above.

NOLS’ Wilderness Medicine course used to be ACA-accredited, IIRC. Honestly, I’d reach out to NOLS to see if their course is ACA accredited. Personally, I think it’s worth taking because it’s a good course, but it’s not a cheap course, either.

indicates it was accredited under the 2012 ACA standards. I’d find out what the current status is from NOLS.

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It also might be a good idea to talk to your council. They should have a council Training Chair who might know or be able to find out the answer.


Thank you all for the info. NOLS is recognized by BSA.

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