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Will rechartering a troop be held up if Assistant Scoutmasters are not IOLS trained?

Out Troop has 3 assistant Scoutmasters that have not gone through the IOLS training nor will they be able to by the time the troop recharter has to be turned in. Will that prevent the troop from being rechartered?

It depends on the council. The National Council policy is that no one can recharter without valid YPT. Some councils go beyond that and say all leaders must be position trained. You will need to check with your council.

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Thank you. They all have YPT and one of them has been to Woodbadge. I will check with the Council.

Different councils have different rules for what training is required for unit leadership. Nationally, the only requirement I know of to register an ASM is that YPT be current. However, I know that there are some councils that require all direct-contact leaders be fully position-trained. My understanding is that councils can set more stringent requirements than nationals to register adult leaders.

There was a discussion about this here on another thread I can’t find just now.

In our Council all direct contact leaders have to be 100% position trained, including IOLS for ASM and SM…by no later than Dec 31 2019…if they do not meet that requirement we are being told they will be dropped from the charter in January.

What a great way to run off all the volunteers that BSA needs. And we wonder why scouting is struggling in the usa.

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Your comment does not appear to be germane to this discussion topic. May I suggest discussing the BSA volunteer basic leader training requirements and the challenges that BSA has getting volunteers trained in a separate discussion topic(s)?

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BSA Registration Guidebook, July 2019

Basic Rules of Registration, extracts, p. 6

• All BSA applicants should be registered immediately after their applications and fees are received by the council.
• All completed unit charters should be posted by the council as soon as it is administratively possible.
• Unit charters may not be held and remain unposted by a council for the purpose of withholding dropped membership or delaying > payment to the National Council.

Scouting BSA Program Requirement, extract, p. 11

Unit Requirements

Minimum leadership positions—CR, CC, 2 MCs*, SM
Can have—SA, NM, REU, 10 (LDS troops only), 91U, 92U
Minimum youth members needed—Five paid**
Term—Minimum six months, maximum 18 months

Unit Renewal Requirements, pp. 20-21

Chartered organizations must renew their charter annually. In this process, the unit Key 3 (chartered organization representative (COR), committee chair (CC), and unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Venturing crew Advisor, Sea Scout ship Skipper) confirm and record their current members and leaders for the coming year, pay their annual unit liability insurance fee and individual registration fees. At the same time, the institutional head of the chartered organization recommits to conduct the Scouting program consistent with BSA rules, regulations, and policies for the upcoming charter period.

The renewal process should begin 60–90 days prior to the unit charter expiration and be completed before the current charter expires. The process is not complete until all requirements are met, including turning in all required signed and approved paperwork and fees.

The following is required to renew a unit’s charter:
• Annual charter agreement
• Completed charter renewal roster, paper or online. Unless the renewal is submitted and approved electronically, the paper charter renewal must be signed by the institutional head of the chartered organization or charter representative, the unit leader, and the district executive or council representative, which can be the commissioner if approved by the Scout executive.
• $xx.xx unit liability insurance fee
• Fully completed application signed by the parent and unit leader for all new youth not currently registered in the unit
• Fully completed application signed by the applicant and chartered organization head or representative for all new adults not currently registered in the unit
• Registration fees for all youth and adult applicants that do not already have a current paid registration in another Scouting unit or position

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