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Winter COH during Covid-19

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all staying happy and healthy during this trying time.

Our Troop has been meeting outside our meeting space in the 3 season shelter. We have held a Zoom COH and one outside COH with families at tables spaced apart since Covid-19 hit. We are in Wisconsin and the days are getting short, cold, and the chartered org just removed the port-a-loo.

Anyone have any ideas for hosting a winter COH when the usual meeting place is not allowing gatherings? Our Troop requires masks even outside. We are not allowed, by county regulations to meet inside in groups of more than 10. So outside, it is!

Choose a weekend and host at a state park is one idea we had. We could just do Zoom again which is not ideal, but works. Looking for any ideas others in similar climates might have or suggestions. Our meeting space is on a hill in our town that gets a wind like nothing I have ever seen. We are planning for the first week in December.

Thanks in advance.

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Don’t you cheeseheads go to football games in short sleeves at that time of year? :thinking:
My preference: Meet in a community park. Maybe someplace where you all could have a bonfire or two?
I suspect the ceremony might be shorter, but if your troop can put up a banner or two and invite the public, it could be win for everyone.

If the state park is close by, that’s a good opportunity, too. Of course talk to your CO, they might want to try to set up the outdoor space you need.


Haha!! And we sit on the ice around a hole to the lake for fun :wink:

It is the wind on that hill by our outdoor meeting space that is rugged. I think the state or county park 5-10 minutes out will be our best bet. A fire would be fun! Thank you for your response.

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Make it a campfire themed COH… cheers, skits, and songs in addition to awards.

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