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Wolf Neckerchief Color Change

When did the wolf color change from yellow to red? Currently our wolf Dens use yellow neckerchief but when a parent went to our local scout shop to buy a replacement they only had red. They told her yellow is for lions only.


I believe that the change happened when the Lion program was launched nationally.



It was announced in 2018 but with the caveat that existing supplies of the yellow Wolf neckerchief would be sold before the red Wolf neckerchief became available. Apparently your Scout Shop ran out of yellow and when they placed an order for more Wolf neckerchiefs, received red.

Both are still valid so your unit could either gradually switch to red or have all of the current Wolves switch now.


The color changed in 2019

National Supply didn’t ship any red neckerchiefs until they exhausted their supply of yellow ones.

Stores were instructed not to display the red ones until all their yellow ones were sold out. So, the date red became available varies from store to store.

I can just about pinpoint the date in Wilmington, Delaware. i bought my daughter’s neckerchief on June 1, 2019, and it was yellow. There were fewer than 10 left on the shelf. Of course, I had no way of knowing those were their last few. Another Scout in my daughter’s den bought a red neckerchief in the same shop on June 7, 2019. The yellow ones were no longer available.


It’s more than just the wolf neckerchief that is changing color

Lion is yellow
tiger is orange
Wolf is red
bear is light blue
webelos should be dark blue, based on the old webelos badge
arrow of light is or should be green as it’s the transition year

the wolf neckerchief is as has been said
the bear badge just changed color to match the scarf color in the same sense

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Do you have a source for the Webelos neckerchiefs changing? I believe you may be reading more into it than planned. I think the “last” change this go around was the Wolf neckerchiefs. The Webelos one (both years) will stay plaid. The other colors already matched.


Matt is correct. Webelos stay plaid.

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We hand our neckerchiefs down from one den to the next and had a bumper crop of Wolves the year before the change, so we’ll have Wolves in yellow for a LONG time.
If anyone else reuses their neckerchiefs and needs to replace one, I’m sure that ebay should be well-stocked with yellow for the foreseeable future.


The change happened in fall 2018 when the Lion program officially became a part of the Cub Scout program, although the red neckerchiefs didn’t hit most scout shops until the supply of yellow ones was exhausted in 2019.

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Change happened last year, our den was bears at the time, but our scout shop hadn’t yet got any red so we sported the yellow neckerchiefs. This year I’ve noticed the Wolves in our Pack are a mix, some red and some yellow, so it’s just a transition. Probably any with Yellow could go buy the Red one if you’d like them to be the same – but most packs I wouldn’t think would care. It’s my understanding that any uniform piece that is official can always be worn as it was intended when it was released. So I’ve seen scouts even wear vintage uniforms … may be a fun throw back for a Wolf in 10 years to wear an ‘official yellow wolf neckerchief’ circa 2018.

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