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Wood Badge Tickets

Hi all,
I am currently a participant in Greater Los Angeles Area Council (GLAAC) Wood Badge course W4-33-19. (Go Owls!)
I’m starting to work on my tickets and I am interested in any ideas you can suggest. I am a brand new Scoutmaster for Troop 128 so I am looking to focus on Troop level tickets.

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Well what does your troop need?

The Woodbadge ticket is supposed to help you grow as a leader/scouter. The focus should be on improving yourself while benefiting your unit. Ultimately, your ticket goals are up to you and what you/your unit needs.

My ticket goals are:
Build a rank progress display for my Troop
Organize a Virtus training for all the units in my CO
Take a disabilities awareness training
Create a Powerpoint training for Scoutbook targeted at new leaders, one for the Pack and one for the Troop
Create a new parent guidebook for my Troop

S7-602-19 Bobwhite

Let’s back up even before what your troop needs. What is your vision for the troop? If you haven’t defined that picture of future success yet, then you need to think a little more about the aspects of your troop that stirs your passion.

Are you excited to see the troop cook better meals for themselves? Do you want to strengthen your high adventure offerings? Are you itching to see STEM integrated into your activities? Since you’re new, maybe you’re wanting to be the best SM you can by by learning as much as possible about Scouting.

Once you’ve hit on a topic that you can really get behind, you can construct that vision. Then, you can look at what your troop needs in relation to your vision and go from there.

You’ve got to remember the R part of SMART: Relevant. If you’ve got five goals that aren’t related or relevant to your vision, then it’s not a strong ticket. It’s a to-do list.

And, a to-do list is fine. But the ticket ultimately helps your troop by getting you in the mindset of improving one focused aspect of your program before moving on to another aspect. It’s easier to see results when you’re focusing your efforts instead of incrementally working in a hundred different directions.

Good luck!


While developing your vision for the troop, I would encourage you to discuss the issue with the scouts. But be ready for them to suggest some things that you (or other leaders) may think it off the rails.

This is good advice overall. At a troop level, your vision certainly needs to mesh well with the PLC’s vision for the troop. However, your ticket’s vision is based on your role and the impact you can make in that role. So, while you wouldn’t want to get far afield from the greater vision of your unit, it’s still your vision.

It’s a fine distinction. But, an important one nonetheless.