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Working on Elective Adventures over the summer? (AOL)

I have 10 year old twins who just completed the Webelos program and are now AOL.

I am their Webelos den leader and will be for AOL as well.

Is there any reason why we can’t work on elective adventures over the summer? They are very interested in getting Super Achiever status?

I can’t really see anything that says scouts can’t work on things outside of the normal scout year, but I don’t see anything that says we can, either.

Maybe if we take photos all along the way to show our cubmaster next year?

Webelos rank and Arrow of Light rank share elective adventures, so as long as a Webelos Scout is in a Webelos den, the Scout may work on earning elective adventures.

If you are their Webelos Den Leader, then you are the one who approves their advancements (Guide to Advancement section Who Approves Cub Scout Advancement?).

There is also this guidance:

“If a fourth-grade Cub Scout has completed the Webelos rank, they may begin to work on the Arrow of Light.”

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More Clarity on this - the Cubmaster never signs off on anything according to the Guide to Advancement - that is the Den Leaders job. So I say go for it - but I also encourage you to extend the invite to rest of den (now a patrol) to instill the idea of year round scouting


As of right now, they’re the only ones in their den! But we do have a couple of webelos that just moved up from bear. I could extend the invite to them. :slight_smile:

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as long as you focused on elective or Webelos required - would be a good skill for your sons to learn to teach others - very important in Scouts

In addition, the program year starts as soon as the school year ends. So, any cub scout can begin working toward their next rank over the summer.

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I am the new Tiger Den Leader for our pack. I am running a summertime program for my den. I got it approved by the cub master and committee chair.

  1. Electives only
  2. Invited all new Tigers
  3. Made a calendar to hand out at our pack crossover
  4. Hold it on the same night and same place as the troop meets (with SM blessing).

So I say go for it also. From what I can tell and have talked to others about: A den meeting is a den meeting so long as it was available to all members of the den, even if only one kid shows up. So the requirements of “Do X at den meeting” are met.