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World Jamboree Patches on Scout uniforms

My Scout attended the 2019 World Scout Jamboree this past summer. His contingent created a council patch that is a combination of the councils in our state to be worn on the left sleeve. Can the scouts leave these specially created council patches on their official uniform. We do have a scout in our Troop that is going for his Eagle Board of Review soon and wants to wear the WSJ council patch…is it allowed???

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Is this patch in place of the normal Council Shoulder Patch (CSP)? If so, the chapter and verse from the insignia guide is “A temporary CSP should only be worn for a fixed period of time to celebrate the special purpose it represents, and under no circumstances longer than one year.”

I am a quite member of the patch police always noting, rarely every mentioning infractions. In my experience as a member of 2 different jamboree contingents, I always kept the old one on until the next jamboree or the next uniform replacement.

A Scout must be granted a board of review even when not in uniform. I assume this CSP, if it is such, won’t be an issue.

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