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Worldwide MBC not showing as option

I’m having issues with a fellow scouter who is trying to update their position for merit badge counselor. Worldwide is not showing as an option for selection.

Any suggestions? Or fix needed?

Is this in a council that has uploaded their MBC list?

I believe Worldwide only appears if the Council has uploaded the MBC list.

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“All Scouts” ?

I believe the “worldwide” category should be “All Scouts” to match what is on the annual MBC information form 34405WEB, Revised May 2019, 2019 Printing:

  • All Scouts
  • All Scouts in these districts: ___________________________________
  • Only with Scouts in these units (indicate whether troop, crew, or ship): ___________________________________

Service to Lone Scouts

In reference to “Counselors are encouraged to be available to work with any Scout in any unit” statement on the form.

Whoever created/revised the MBC information form was apparently never informed that there are lone Scouts worldwide who are not in units that also need to earn merit badges.

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The listing preference says Any Council (worldwide). We are not going to ask the BSA to spend developer resources changing the wording.

Has this always been the case, or something relatively new. I’m not sure that our council has ever linked a MBC list to scoutbook. I guess I’ll have to do some investigation with our USE.

There have not been any recent changes in this area. If you tell me what Council you are in, I can tell you if your Council has uploaded the list and the last upload date.

Water and Woods Field Service council part of Michigan Crossroads Council.


As of March 23, 2020, your council had not loaded an MBC list to Scoutbook.

Thanks Ed!

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