Wrong Leaders in SB connected to our newly crossed over Boy Scouts! Need to DELETE!

We have a new patrol with newly crossed over scouts, and there are some adult leaders, that have no connection to them or us, connected to them in Scoutbook. I want to delete those wrong adult leaders, but can’t remember how! I think there was a delete option, but there is no way for me to delete them. This is a council entry error, and unfortunately this is not the first time. I have had to do this a few times before with other scouts. IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING. Our council is a merged one, and there was another troop with the same number, so we got stuck with a “B” added to our number in Scoutbook. Due to that, we have had some wrong council entries to our account, advancement and financial… that being said, this current error has nothing to do with the other troop with the same number, these adults are from a totally different troop in a different area. Does anyone know how to delete the wrong adult connections currently? These new scouts never had a connection to this other troop that the wrong adults are with, so I don’t know why a delete option is not showing.

It looks like they have a dual registration in 2 troops - your troop and the other troop.

You will need to contact your council to get the registration issue fixed.

Side note: The “B” designation has nothing to do with another troop in your recently merged council having the same troop number. The " B" denotes it is a Boy troop. Likewise troops for girls have a “G” designator.

Hmmm, not sure how they would have all been registered with the wrong troop by accident.

@EL33 - in your opening post you stare that council posts erroneous items to your troop which would indicate that they are just as capable of doing that to others. Has anyone checked the roster at my.scouting.org fr these scouts and contacted council on the multiple registration?

I just used a feature on Scoutbook called “Clear Old Connections” to delete previous connections, similar to what you describe.
I believe it is available when you select the chain links icon on a scouts record to see who is connected with them.
It worked great for us.
PS I am a Key 3. I dont know if Key 1 & 2 would have this access.

Hope this helps.

Forgive me but what/who are Key 1 and Key 2?

@EL33 If you could please post the BSA member numbers (no names, please) of some of your new Scouts, I will look them up.

I will have to check on this…I am thinking it is more of a case to help all those at council to be able to tell the difference between the 2 troops with the same number.

I have seen that option, but have been a little nervous in using it. It had an explanation before what the option was for, but now it just asks if you are sure you want to clean old connections. I am just afraid it will delete people that are not supposed to be deleted.

So let me ask, for those that have a boy troop, does your troop number in Scoutbook have a “B” after it???

Yes, boy troops have a “B”, and girl troops have a “G”.

If two troops in a Council have the same 4 digit number, there is no way to distinguish them unless one is a boy troop and one is a girl troop. Since all units officially have 4 digit numbers, some Councils make sure the numbers are unique by changing the first digit while the units only wear the last 3.

As Jennifer said, B indicates Boy Troop and G indicates Girl Troop. All Troops have either a B or G designation.

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