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Wrong Scout in Scoutbook

I had a Scout entered in my Wolf den that was completely different than mine. This Scout was in the Circle 10 Council (another state), a white child (ours is African American) and a different pack number. The parent connections were completely incorrect. However, the home address was actually correct

His name Jacob Smith - and so is our Wolf. I didn’t look at the birthday, but perhaps this caused the mix up. On the advice of our local council, I manually removed Jacob Smith. Then I manually added our Jacob Smith, using the BSA ID# that is correct for our Jacob Smith in Louisiana.

It will not let me advancement sync because “his ID is already being used”. I have submitted two tickets to Scoutbook, with no response. Our local council suggests this: another council needs to release them from their Scoutbook den. I can’t even get our scout a Bobcat badge. I need help

Kristi Davis - Cubmaster Pack 234 in Louisiana Purchase Council

OK - you need to send an email to Scoutbook.support@scouting.org - explain the situation to them. Post the SSD-##### you get back in reply here please.

@KristiDavis What I would do to get your Jacob in > End the membership of the one you manually added > Go to Roster > Under Scouts List use the Transfer tool > That will bring the Jacob you need in

I’ve emailed them twice in 6 days already. No response.

John and Kristi Davis

I’d stop listening to your council on this. This issue is beyond them, and they are giving you bad advice.

Ok, I did just that. It brought back the same scout from Circle 10 Council (the incorrect scout) ::frowning: wrong photo, wrong parents, wrong connections, wrong council, wrong person and correct address

John and Kristi Davis

@KristiDavis Do you have a minute for me to setup a screenshare?

yes! would be happy to

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