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Wrong Scout listed in on the top of another Scouts account in Troop Roster

I’ve seen this issue posted before and it seems that the only resolution is for an advisor to have a direct call with the person who had the issue. The ASM entered the information for one Scout and another Scout is listed in the bar across the top of the Troop roster page. As Committee Chair I am not able to see the error he is experiencing.

Can someone help us out?

The bar across the top is the list of scouts on the troop roster whose page you can jump directly to. The name displayed is not necessarily intended to be the scout whole page you are on, although it usually is.

When I’ve seen this scenario, it’s because the scout’s membership in the unit has been been approved (green shield). Is that the case here?

It might be that Scout’s membership is not approved in the troop. If this is the case, go to the [Scout]'s Membership, click on the current membership with the troop and approve position.

Or it might be an issue with the ASM’s connection to the Scout. You should be able to fix that by going to the patrol Connections Manager or alternatively by going to the [Scout]'s Connections page, click on the ASM’s name, set the permissions, and Update.

The scout is approved already.

I seem to have fixed the problem by removing the Scout at the top of the page as he has aged out and I inserted an end date.

Thank you for your help.

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