Wrong Scout & Parent in Scoutbook

In Five Rivers Council 375, Pack 4018 we have a scout showing in Scoutbook that is not ours. He has the same name and DOB as ours. My.Scouting shows correct. The other scout is from another council.

Ours: [name removed] member ID 14886590 and attached to parent (mother) [name removed]

Not Ours: There is or/was [name removed] from North Carolina, with mother [name removed] .

At one point the Unit was able to remove him, but then he showed back up with the wrong member ID but to the correct parent [name removed] ).

The DE confirmed that the correct info is showing in My.Scouting.

thank you,
Marc McGrain
Five Rivers Council

We will look at it @MarcMcGrain

Any progress on this issue yet?

Any progress on this issue yet?

It is sitting with developers for a fix is all I know

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