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Wrongly approved advancement

Hi all!

One of our leaders accidently marked completion for a Tiger scout and then accidently approved it. She meant to add that for one advancement not the entire rank. Does anyone know how to undo this? I tried to override the approval, but it will not allow me.

uncheck approve save > then clear the date save

Please help. I have tried this repeatedly, and it is not working.
I uncheck Approved and then save.
But when I go back in to clear the date, the Approved check box is checked again.
And no matter how many times I uncheck it, it remains checked when I open the box again.

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Is the Awarded check box set? Both Approved and Awarded must be clear in order to clear the date.

Was it marked complete using den leader experience (login as den leader)?

Hi! I am in the same boat with one of our scouts. I have tried the above as well and can’t get it reversed. I’ve tried all versions of unchecking boxes and clearing dates.

How was the advancement added? Using the Den Leader Experience (sign in as Den Leader? Using the Scouting mobile app for parents and Scouts?

That seems to be the problem. I can’t get them both cleared.

I start by unchecking both boxes and then save it. And when I open it again so I can delete the date, Awarded remains unchecked but Approved has a check mark next to it. And no matter how many times I uncheck and save it, the result is the same.

–I don’t want to go on a complete tangent, but this isn’t even the issue I’m trying to fix; it’s just one step that was recommended by Council, and we don’t even know if it will work.

And I’m not using den leader experience or the mobile app - just the Scoutbook website.

@MeghanFlint What award are you having this problem with?

It’s a Wolf rank - retroactively awarded to a Bear who completed it while her first Pack is closed for Covid. She dual enrolled in our pack in October, so we placed her in a Bear den (she’s still in a Wolf den in the other Pack), and awarded the Wolf rank. But her Bear requirements are not showing up.

Council advised me to mark the Wolf rank as un-earned, move her to a Wolf den, re-approve and award it and then advance her. Hoping her Bear requirements will appear. And when I wasn’t able to un-approve the rank, they found this forum page and suggested I ask here :slight_smile: Have you heard of anything like this? I’ve been using Scoutbook for 4 years and am stumped. I’m so appreciative of all the help.

@MeghanFlint Please post the Scout’s BSA member number, and we can take a look.

Thanks - is there a way for me to post it that isn’t in an open forum?

@MeghanFlint I have sent you a private message. Please look for the indicator on your avatar in the upper right corner of the forums. (Your avatar is a capital “M”.)

Having a membership in two dens of different levels will likely cause issues.

@MeghanFlint Your Scout has a membership in a Wolf and a Bear den at the same time. You need to end one of them. You also need to make sure that the Scout’s Membership is approved (green shield with check mark).

The Wolf den is in her other Pack. Am I able to change her membership there?

Never mind, I just put in the starting date of her Bear den as the ending date of her Wolf den in the other Pack and it worked. This was my first dual enrolled scout and I assumed my admin keys wouldn’t do anything there (and didn’t want to mess with someone else stuff in case I broke it worse). Thanks. It’s all fixed for me, her Bear requirements are visible.

Good luck to those still needing help with reversing ranks earned.

If possible, you would want a Pack Admin from the other pack to approve that membership, and then add a Date Ended.

@MeghanFlint if the scout is still active in their other pack, you’ll need to reach out to them to make sure they put the scout in a bear den.