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Year round camping

How are some troops dealing with year round camping requirements.

What specific requirement are you talking about? I don’t know of a particular requirement that requires year round camping. A good troop camps each month. During this pandemic, no troops in our council are camping. Since there isn’t a specific requirement it is stopping, yet, it is ok. Many rank requirements require a certain number of camping nights, some MBs require nights, the national outdoor award requires certain days/nights, and OA eligibility requires certain nights. If a Scout hasn’t yet me these, they will be delayed since the requirements either say with your troop or as a troop activity.


There’s a year round patch with rockers scouts can earn if they camp 12 consecutive months. But with virus was curious if troops waved it or aloud scouts to do at home.

We have 5 or 6 scouts that work on this every year.

that sounds like a council thing


Leon, I found a year round camper award on the Connecticut Yankee Council in the archive section:


I would recommend contacting your council advancement person and asking them if it is still available and how to handle it.

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Yes I have all that info I’ve been doing for a few years I was wondering how other troops handled it. we allow the Scouts to do 2 camp outs in there back yard a year if they have to miss a troop camp out so they can make it up.

I’m not sure a Scout camping in the backyard counts if you go “by the book”. Here’s an article that addresses the subject:

I wasn’t sure what they are making up but here’s a paragraph in this article that sticks out:

For Tenderfoot requirement 1b, a Scouts BSA member must spend at least one night on a patrol or troop campout in a tent he helped pitch. For Second Class requirement 1a, a Scout must have tallied five separate troop/patrol activities, at least two of which must include overnight camping. First Class requirement 1a calls for 10 separate troop/patrol activities since joining, at least three of which must include overnight camping. In all cases, the Scout must “spend the night in a tent that you pitch or other structure that you help erect, such as a lean-to, snow cave or teepee.”

Of course there is what the rule book says and what is accepted. Just follow Nationals lead on things and be as consistent as they are and you will be fine…HA HA

This is what it says to earn year round camping.

Scout ___________________________________________ has met
the requirements for the Connecticut Yankee Council “Year-Round
Camper” Award by camping outdoors at least one night in each of the
twelve consecutive months using an approved shelter, and recognized
preparation of meals. This camping was done with proper supervision,
inspection, and adherence to Boy Scout National standards.
The unit certifies that the camping record on this application complies
with the Camping Standards for Connecticut Yankee Council. It also
certifies that the “Year-Round Camper” patch is not to be traded or
transferred within the Council area, and may only be worn within this
area by those campers who have earned the award.
Unit Leader signature ____________________________________
Unit _______________ Year _________Date _________________
The “Year-Round Camper” patch may be purchased at the Council
Trading Post when the completed score card is presented. The card
will remain in the unit advancement records at the Council Office.

Leon, what kind of supervision do they have while camping in their back yard (council award - not national)?

Parents supervise I make sure of that.

OK, well seems to me that they can still camp in their back yard by themselves with parental supervision. If you approved that before, I don’t know why you wouldn’t approve it now. On the other hand, if other Scouts (not from the same family) are involved, then I would not recommend that (although different jurisdictions are handling social distancing rules).

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