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Yellow yield sign on adults now? cant send emails to group

I have 5 adults that are parents in my Troop that also serve in other capacities. They are all merit badge counselors and need the ability to message the troop when offering the merit badge to the group as a whole. They all have a yellow yield sign after their names but had not had this issue previously. How many updates are going to continue to bump permissions to almost nothing on scoutbook? I find it crazy that one of the key 3, the charter organization rep, has blanket full open access but does ZIP for the troop runnings but the people that are boots on the ground, bread and butter helpers have to struggle to get the tasks done due to continual permission restrictions. I can understand some reasons for such restrictions due to this whole HIGH profile lawsuit and bankruptcy issue but surely there is somewhere we can meet in the middle?

I haven’t seen the yellow triangle for adults who are currently registered MBCs.

Have you verified that their MBC registration is current by looking them up in the Scoutbook MBC list? We’ve had MBCs “fall off” of the council list for various reasons, some administrative error and some YPT-related.

The symbol just shows the person is registered but not registered in the unit - it changed nothing with connections or permissions

To send e-mail, the adult must be connected to the Scouts with View Profile or above.

I also have 2 scouts that now have the yellow yield symbol. These 2 do attend a summer camp in KS. But we did pay recharter for them… so I am not sure why they got removed… they should have just cross-registered them for that summer camp. BSA IDs are 137281224 and 137087046. There hasn’t been an issue until just recently… so some update or something has been done??

@LeneWalters those 2 BSA #s are from Heart of America Council - I see others for the Scouts in Buffalo Trace

Ok… I don’t have all of their #s but I assumed they were the Buffalo Trace #s:disappointed:. Regardless I need these 2 scouts put back into the Buffalo Trace Troop 350 as their primary Troop. Logan is currently working on his eagle project with us.

Thank you,

Lene Walters

@LeneWalters that is fixed

Thanks so much!! Appreciate it. I wish there was an easier way to send communication instead of opening a new thread for assistance. I was trying to post in a similar thread but since it had already been closed I could not. We appreciate all the help from the tech support via the forums

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