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Yo-Yo source?

Has anyone found a good source for quality yo-yos in bulk? I’m hoping to do the Preview Adventure with our group, and want to avoid the frustration that will come with a cheap yo-yo. Most that we’ve had over the years have the strings permanently attached, which wouldn’t be compatible with several of the requirements of the adventures.
I wrote to Duncan, but never got a response.

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Have you visited a hobby shop?

You might also try reaching out to a dedicated toy store, or a local retailer who could be willing to work with you to supply the yo-yos in bulk (e.g. by whole case quantities) at wholesale prices.

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This seems like a pretty good deal at $4.16/each excluding tax. How many in your den?

The Imperial is a solid yo-yo. They come with strings attached but I believed they can be removed without cutting.

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I did this with our pack last month using the Spinstar yo-yo from yoyoexpert.com. I called and they were able to give us a bulk purchase price. The Spinstar worked pretty well for the scouts. I removed the strings before the meeting so that the scouts could cut them to the right length and string the yo-yos themselves.


Our pack ordered from Duncan online and it worked great!

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My son (Wolf age) was having a hard time getting his Duncan Imperial to return, so we bought him a Duncan Butterfly yo-yo for $3 at WalMart and it made a huge difference. He was able to do successful gravity throws right away with the Butterfly, and now he’s excited to try some of the slightly more advanced tricks. At $3 it was well worth the investment.


Yeah I was thinking the Butterfly might be better for young beginners. And $3 each? Seems like a great deal!

We had an adult call Duncan and they mentioned that they had some kind of discount for Scouts. I think we got them for $2 each in boxes of 24. They were cheap Duncan Butterfly fixed-axle Yo-Yos but they got the job done. We ran the whole pack through the elective and everyone had a good time. We did also have a leader with a nicer $10 ball bearing yo-yo who could demonstrate the tricks a little easier, but they can all be done on the $2 yo-yo with some practice.

Thanks! I emailed Duncan and got no response. I’ll try calling.

You said you had the whole pack do it? Tigers, too? I was going to have it be a pack activity until I realized we are 1/3 Tiger!

Yes, we did it with the entire pack. Lions and Tigers definitely struggled with it. But we wanted to include them and give them a yo-yo too. If that much of your Pack is Tiger level then I would probably not include them and instead plan a different event just for them working on an adventure they can achieve.

We’ll just make it a den activity - our “den” is actually 2nd/4th/5th grade so it’s a good fit for us!

Here is a link on Amazon for Duncan Imperial Yo Yos for $3 each on prime: Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo - String Yo-Yo for Beginners with Narrow String Gap, Steel Axle, Pla… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000H6DY5U/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_tai_VyafEb

Hope this helps!

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