You Cannot Merge two BSA Member IDs - but can fix Scoutbook Users

I had to go through district to get mine merged. I’m in Two R in vers, so had to call them. I don’t know who you’re district person is. It was hard to find the right person and I had to call a few times because it didn’t go the first time or two. Wish it could help more.

Could you please merge Scoutbook users:
Main: - 14401607
(Merge or delete 14421211, 14710797)

Thank you

@EdNuckols I am working on this.

@EdNuckols These Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

However, this user has 3 usernames at my.scouting. I recommend that he keep the one that is not an e-mail address. We can retire the other two.

Thank you very much,

These are all me. I’m happy to keep whichever you suggest, but I know that the one attached to gmail has my training on it if it matters.

@EdNuckols Your training is attached to your BSA member number – not your username. You can pick whichever one you want.

All 3 usernames are currently associated with the same BSA member number.

Thank you, I understand now, I’d like to go with your suggestion.

@EdNuckols Would you rather keep the one with Google sign in turned on?

Yes please, thank you

@EdNuckols I have kept your username with Google sign in turned on. I have retired the other 2 usernames.

Thank you for your help!

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I need two SB Users merged - same BSA Member. Thank you!
SB User IDs:
12004240 (duplicate)
11839777 (primary)

BSA Member ID:

@StephanieJackson1 These Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Could someone look at these Scoutbook accounts to merge?
MID 135631734 - Yahoo email is correct.
MID 131950320 - looks like this one has never been logged into

And a second set to merge:
MID 13965865 - Has correct cell number & email
MID 130734671 - has correct address & home phone

@GarrettGreen will take a look

@GarrettGreen those are merged - on the second one not all personal info merges so you will need to check that

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