Youth applications - NATIONAL LEVEL ISSUE

I’m hoping this can reach national headquarters - I brought up with my council who says they can’t do anything because the paper and online applications are from National.

We NEED applications to include secondary and tertiary contact info (optional for both). I can’t tell you how many scouts we CANNOT reach because the parent signing up the child is not the one bringing them to meetings. It is SO MUCH WORK on the volunteers to solicit other parent/caretaker information after they join AND add to antiquated Scoutbook. PLEASE UPDATE THE APPLICATIONS!

Thank you for your time.

ALSO, please REQUIRE the school of attendance (or homeschooling option). Why doesn’t this info import to the roster on OR scout book. Again this results in HOURS on the volunteers figuring out schools for those packs who have multiple dens. PLEASE UPDATE THIS

@KellyLivingston I would recommend asking your local council to submit a help ticket to National with your suggestions.

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