Youth has parents email address in profile

I have a youth that has his parents email mistakenly in his profile, which wont allow me to add the email address to the parents profile. Can someone delete it?
BSA# 13959114
UID# 12031213

There is no e-mail address attached to the BSA Member ID or Scoutbook User ID you provided. There is an e-mail address on the connected parent’s Scoutbook account.

Part of the challenge is that when I created the parent profile I had an incorrect email, it should begin with ZID, not ZAZID. So when I discovered I had it wrong I went in and tried to correct it but got an error message saying an account already exists with the same email. That same email address exists in the scouts profile if I look in organization manager on but I cant delete it


There is an account with first name Dan, same last name, with the ZID e-mail. Is this the same person? The city is the same but since the account connected to the Scout does not have a date of birth, I can’t be sure they are the same.

That’s interesting. Can you see when the two accounts were created? If they were created on the same date (roughly 3-4 weeks ago) I would venture its the same person and Dan is a nickname. Is there any other info in the Dan account that could be checked against the scout profile (phone# or address)? I will try to call and get confirmation .

The Dan account has a ID (using Google ID). There is nothing else I can see to determine if these are the same people. This Scoutbook account was created 9/29/21. The other account that you are trying to change was created today.

I confirmed the Dan account is the parent. I’ve got it from here. Thank you.

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