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Youth leadership "training" resources

Do training materials exist to relay Scouts BSA official “expectations” for incoming holders of leadership positions?

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Hi, @JohnHamilton,

I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but some items that come to mind are:

  1. Senior Patrol Leader Handbook
  2. Patrol Leader Handbook
  3. Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

ETA: I would probably also throw in NYLT and NAYLE, but both technically have a prerequisite of ILST, so those would probably be second- and third-tier training courses.


There is also a lot of good info at these official BSA websites:

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I would mention that BSA doesn’t have some “official” expectations about the positions. In expectations I would say to consider the four aims of Scouting:

  • Leadership Development
  • Citizenship Development
  • Character Development
  • Physical Fitness

I have places the two that I personally believe speak to the situation at the top. Since this is about development, the expectations should match the youth holding the position.

That being said, the handbooks will give some good guidance to an office holder (if it is read). ILST is a great opportunity to train the youth in leadership and (in my opinion) should NOT be limited to those holding office. Some troops require it before office.

My personal belief about requirements to hold office follow those of a blog I read. The author pointed out that when an SM sets up requirements to run for office, the SM shows a lack of trust that the scouts will make the right decision.

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Have yet to review in entirety, but links from @JenniferOlinger look promising. Thank you all!

The BSA does have some expectations about the positions. However, the expectations are fairly broad, and individual units can be more specific based on what they need. Brief descriptions of the duties and responsibilities are listed in the Scout Handbook (Positions of Responsibility in chapter 14 Awards and Advancement). They are also listed in the Senior Patrol Leader Handbook, the Patrol Leader Handbook, and at the website (scroll down for links to Youth Positions of Responsibility).

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