'Youth Members are not eligible to transfer to this unit'

Hi there,
Question really aimed at the Scoutbook Advisory Team, but open to all help!

Our Committee chair, when trying to transfer a youth to a troop from a pack, receives the following message: The following Youth Members are not eligible to transfer to this unit.
They’ve been able to transfer two across to the same troop, so we’re just having issues with this one.

Unfortunately I’m the middle person in all of this, so will not be able to assist from either end.

The BSA ID is 135624592.


Which unit are they trying to transfer to?

My first thought is age and gender.

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How interesting. Scoutbook / Internet Advancement shows him as female, but he’s most definitively male. He’s moving into a Boys Troop.
Can this changed by you, or is it a council thing?



Council must change the gender setting.

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I’m reaching out. Marking this one closed.

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