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Youth Protection for Parents

We need to have a spot in the parent profile where we can list what parents have taken the Youth Protection; right now it only has it listed for registered members and not volunteer parents.

If a parent has taken YPT, then they have a BSA ID. They can then use Switch SSO Profile to synchronize their BSA ID into their Scoutbook profile. They will then need to log in to Scoutbook using their my.scouting credentials.

I believe that the Feature Assistant Extension still reaches out to the BSA training records and pulls the YPT data to display via the Show Adult YPT Status report. Is that still true, @GaryFeutz?

The extension does obtain the parent’s YPT information and include it in a report.

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Thanks for the quick responses, I think something has to be off on their end because the training isn’t showing up.

Are you able to see their bsa member number in their profile?

Yes, I can see it. I have tried everything I can think of to ask them for troubleshooting and every answer is yes

If you have them send you their completion certificate, you can confirm that the bsa member number matches what you show on their Scoutbook profile.

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