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Youth Protection Training for Scouts

We had a parent/Cubmaster tell his son to take YPT for Den Chief position and sent me a screen shot of the completed modules but it isn’t showing up in his training.
I’m not sure if it’s because he is a youth because I have never seen where YPT is a requirement for Den Chief.
Any ideas?

I believe youth training has to be recorded through council. I would suggest reaching out to either your district or council training chair to see if they can get it properly associated with the scout. Does the BSA ID on the YPT certificate match the scout’s BSA ID?

Has the Scout linked the my.scouting account to the correct BSA ID #?

Has the YPT training expired?

Are you using “Print Member Training Report”?

I can’t see it but the Dad says the correct ID# is in his my.scouting account.
It won’t generate a certificate but he sent me a screenshot showing all modules are completed.
He just took the training on September 21.
I haven’t used the print member training report

If the BSA ID matches, you should be able to look up the training in my.scouting -> Legacy Web Tools -> Training Validation. You have to use the “advanced” options to search based on BSA ID, I believe.

  1. Go to the Training Manager
  2. Click on Search Training
  3. Click on Filter (icon looks like a funnel)
  4. Select “Youth Members” or “All”
  5. Select the Scout
  6. Click on “Print Member Training Report”

This will give you a pdf. Starting on page 2 should be a list of all of the Scout’s training. If the YPT training does not show up there, then it’s possible that the Scout’s account is linked to the wrong BSA ID number or there is a duplicate account.

Thanks for your help, I think something has to be off on their end because the training isn’t showing up.

On the screenshot, you should see the 4 modules and the YPT Certification as a separate entry. But the screenshot only shows the 4 modules? It should look something like this:


This is the screen shot I got, he said it didn’t show anywhere else in his my.scouting account

I imagine that they did not associate the account with the Scout - SO the scout has 2 bsa #'s now - when my son does online training we see it

I would ask the Scout to log into their account at and go to:

Menu -> My Training -> Completions (tab)

They might also need to associate the Scout’s account with the correct BSA ID number using the Manage Member ID (under Legacy Web Tools).

I’ve tried both of those suggestion and they tell me the right number is in the manage member ID and there is nothing listed under completions

OK, I think the next step is to contact Member Care at:

or by calling directly at 972-580-2489 from 7am to 7pm Central time.

To find out why the completions are not updating at the Scout’s account at my.scouting. Please include the Scout’s full name in the e-mail, the Scout’s username at my.scouting, and the Scout’s BSA ID number. I think Donovan is correct, and there is probably a duplicate.

Thank you for your help! I will let them know

I think the odd part here is a youth member taking YPT. It isn’t designed for them, nor required.

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I’m a council YP Champion- I’m actually a bit bothered that a Scout can even access YPT under his account. Youth are staunchly not supposed to take the training. Last rumor I heard there was some sort of youth training at least in discussion but not anticipated until next year or so. We are instructed to not even teach the course if a youth is present in the room. I would feel fairly comfortable it is not going to be a training the kid could get credit for and its not required.


I have seen it show up for youth previously. One of my older Scouts (now an adult) said that he had to take it in order to be a camp counselor (out of council camp). He took it online, and his YPT training showed up at my.scouting just like it shows up for adults.

Yep - the material for in-person YPT says it is not for youth and to not teach if youth are present. But the NYLT syllabus says that youth are required to take it and we are required to present the youth-on-youth abuse material that is required of resident camp staff.

I completely agree, I don’t know why the youth is taking YPT and asked that several times but the Dad/Cubmaster wanted the boys to take if for Den Chief.
I told him to contact National and maybe he will listen to them.
My son had to take the Venturing YPT for Summer Camp Staff one summer and that showed up in his records. So I’m wondering since it is now all combined and there is the Youth on Youth training, if the new training won’t show up because it is not required for youth.

My son is a Den Chief, and he had to take a special Den Chief training class that he did online. It’s not designed to show up on your record, you print a certificate when it’s complete. The Den Chief Handbook doesn’t mention you need YPT, either.

Also, it makes no sense that a kid would take it, a 15-year-old scout does not count for 2 deep leadership, even when around 1st graders.

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