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I am trying to complete my YPT and have been for the last month for renewal. Every time I get in and click start, the module does not play. I have cleared my cache and cookies and have tried both Chrome and Edge, but still nothing. I really need to get this done, as I am now late. Any advice or who can I contact?

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I know this is not the most desirable option, but do you have another device you can use? Either Computer, phone, or tablet should work as the training is set up to be done mobile. I have heard of issues with slower internet connections causing play issues as well as popup blockers stopping the videos

I belive all help requests now route through the Council.

I hope this helps

I’m using a computer and am having problems with video loading or black screens. Frustrating to try and retake videos over and over again only to have them freeze up. I also get a messege that says content is blocked and to contact the site owner to fix the issue. Not sure how many times I’ve taken the sexual abuse v2 segment, maybe half a dozen times… total waste of time.

@CyrusChen - so the training is a waste of you time… So lets get past your anger and find a solution… this my indeed be a difficult thing but please start at the very beginning… and then take it from there…

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Thank you, I will definitely try this. I need to get it completed. I appreciate the advice.

That’s not the context of their comment and you should know better.


Our council recently mentioned that there are issues with the IT provider hosting YPT training. They suggested taking screen captures of the last screen to prove you did it because it is possible to lose all progress when attempting to save your YPT certificate pdf.

YPT is VERY important, but I wish there was a way for people to take a refresher course every other year instead of doing the whole thing every year. YPT takes too much time; it’s one more way volunteer leaders get discouraged and do not want to participate. Our charter org also makes us do their version of YPT, but they only make us do it every 3 years, so it is not as onerous of a time burden.

BSA IT reports the issues with YPT have been fixed. If someone recently completed all 4 modules but their record still shows an old completion date, post their BSA Member ID here and we will have it investigated.

There are some states that require the full YPT training be taken in order to be current and that the training be current throughout the registration year. This effectively means they must take YPT every year. The BSA is not going to produce one course for people in states that must retake the entire training to be current and another for those that could take a refresher. YPT should only take about an hour. I would question anyone who cannot give up one hour a year to make sure they know the latest information to keep our youth safe.


Our council leadership said that BSA is moving towards requiring every leader to take YPT every year.

I just retook YPT to satisfy my council requirements. The “1 hour” training took me 1 hour and 45 minutes because all of the videos on the bullying segment were slow to load with frequent buffering. There was no option to reduce the resolution of the videos. My internet connection is average, I wonder how leaders in areas with poor internet are able to complete YPT. I scored 100%, I will be reminding all leaders in my Pack to take the training in advance of recharter.

I think a refresher training could simply be all of the YPT content presented minus the videos, this would streamline the content. I serve as a federal employee with the Dept of Defense and as such, I am required to take all kinds of annual training online (suicide prevention, information security, sexual harassment training, etc). In most cases, there are options to “test-out” of content if the user can successfully answer questions on the material, if not, the user must complete the full training on the knowledge segment and re-test until they can demonstrate that they know the material.

@edavignon - BSA ID 13513102 shows SCO 3008 and SCO 3011 completed in Training Validation tool. It doesn’t show SCO 3009 and SCO 3010. The Scouter says he believes he completed all modules and is unable to produce a YPT completion certificate.

The Scouter is not yet registered and will become a Webelos den leader, when this is resolved.

Thanks for your help.

@edavignon - I can’t post a reply, because the thread is closed. The Scouter never got back to me. Instead, he just re-took the two missing modules. Thanks for your help.


I asked someone to look into this situation. The system has recorded SCO 3009 is 25% complete and SCO 3010 is 75% complete.

If the system is telling the individual something different, can you get screen shots?

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