Youth to Adult Got a Second Membership ID

Good Evening,

We have a youth who let his Troop membership lapse for 2023 as he was going through Senior stuff in high school. He is now trying to register as a Youth Participant in our Crew. He did his YPT. When his certificate was produced we noticed it had a new membership number.

He hasn’t changed Council, which is #082 or NCAC.

He cannot get into his old account, but it has all of his history in it including his Eagle. He wants to merge the new number into his old number so he has his history and he can register with the Crew.

He old number that he had until 2023 is: 135358818

The new number he just got is: 13847934

Thank you for your help.

@JasonHuggins The First name is different on the 2 numbers - he needs to talk to council

He used his middle name as his first name. Now as an adult he uses his full name. There’s no way to fix this here?

No there is no way here

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Thank you. We will contact Council.

@JasonHuggins I can put the 2 MIDs under management which he cannot do - but there would still be 2

If that means the Scout can fill out the adult application online with his old number and not lose his history than please do so. I will still contact our council person to delete the new number. Thank you

Good Evening,

I have yet another member with 2 membership numbers.

This was a Scout who logged in to do his YPT and ended up with another membership number.

We are hoping to be able to merge the new YPT number into his original number and have his original number remain as his only number.

Original number: 131820805

YPT number: 14253978

Both numbers are NCAC ID numbers.

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@JasonHuggins He has a couple usernames.

One has iii at the end.
The other has 3 at the end.

Which username does he want to keep?