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YPT and ASM with Two Member ID Numbers

We have an ASM who was registered in our troop until he transferred to a troop in a different Council in the summer of 2016 following a job relocation to another area. In September 2020, he relocated back to our area and transferred back into our troop. When he was with our troop until 2016, his BSA Member ID Number was 119394828. When he transferred to the troop in a different Council, he received a new BSA Member ID Number, which was 133528632. After he returned to our troop and Council in 2020, his BSA Member ID Number stayed at 133528632, which is the ID Number shown for this ASM on our recharter roster. This ASM had taken YPT when he was with the troop in the different Council using ID Number 133528632 and the YPT was expiring on November 26, 2021. He retook YPT on October 16, 2021, but did so using BSA Member ID Number 119394828, which was his ID Number when he was originally registered in our troop and Council until his transfer in 2016. As a consequence, our troop’s recharter roster (even after refreshing the roster) shows a red exclamation point icon for this ASM in the YPT column. What can be done to change the red exclamation point icon to a green checkmark icon for YPT for this ASM? We can upload a scanned copy of his current YPT Certificate (that shows his Member ID Number as 119394828) along with a document providing an explanation into the renewal, but I don’t think this will change the red exclamation point icon to a green checkmark icon. Will we be able to submit the recharter if there is still a red exclamation point icon for YPT for this ASM?

I have already done this, but a user can go to my.scouting and use Manage Member ID to switch their BSA member number so that the correct one is “primary”. It might take 24-48 hours, but his training should merge.

Thank you for your response to my question. Am I correct that the “user” you are referring to who has to take this action is the ASM with the two Member ID Numbers, not me in my role as a Key 3 Delegate for online rechartering?

That is correct. @RobertStorch

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@RobertStorch If you click on “Refresh Roster” in Recharter, the ASM’s YPT might be updated already.