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YPT Certificates

Is there a way to print off the YPT Certificates for all my leaders? We need to turn these in with our 2021 recharter. Thanks to all in advance.
Stay safe.

The only way I’m aware of is to have each leader obtain the certificate. That said, you could pull a report from Training Manager in my.scouting.org, assuming all of your leaders are already registered with the unit. That won’t generate the certificates, but does reflect the status of their training.

I do not know what positions have access to BSA’s Training Validation tool. The unit’s Key 3 and Key 3 delegates and Pack Trainer have access to Training Manager. A Unit Training Chair should also.

For leaders that are already registered with your unit:

My.Scouting.org > Menu > Training Manager > Add/Search > Search Training > Filter (adult, YPT trained) > choose leaders > View Training

This will give you a view, sequentially, of each leader’s training. Individually for each leader, click the box for their Y01 YPT Certificate, click Certificate (at the top next to Training Report), and print the PDF.

For adults that are not registered with your unit on My.Scouting.org, but they have done training:

My.Scouting.org > Menu > BSA Web Links > Training Validation

Search by BSA ID#, if available. Otherwise, search by email using Advanced Search. If you have a positive result, take a screen shot or copy and paste into a document, and print. Not a certificate, but is proof of completion. (When pasting, I get better results pasting into an email - it keeps all the formatting of the display.)


For your paperwork, don’t erase the member ID.


Charley, to be fair, I just found this earlier today. I don’t know how long this certificate printing has been available. I went exploring as a result of reading @RickHillenbrand’s post about updated technology. :grin:

Cool! I’ve never seen the certificate printing option. Thanks for the info, @DougWright.

Why is your council making extra work for you, and for themselves? Council has direct access to this data through the Training Manager. As a district YPT champion, I use it to contact every delinquent leader in my district monthly.

Internet Rechartering checks the database and will not let you advance with a leader whose YPT expires before the recharter date. I know this because as a troop committee chair, I am reaching out to two committee members every day to get them to finish so I can turn in my charter.

Our district leadership only asks for a certificate for any new registrations turned in with the charter. I can’t imagine asking my DE, DC, and registrar to handle an extra ream of paper to process our charters when that data is already available.


Training Validation is something anyone can use… which is part of why it is going away. Too easy for non-members of BSA to use it and access PII.

As stated by @KennethAdams, I think your council is making you do a lot more than is required… but they are not alone. :frowning:

If you go into Training Manager for your unit, go to the Add/Search tab, (filter and) Select the leaders you need certificates for and then you can download a PDF for each. (Unfortunately you can’t do as a batch.)

Some councils require leaders to renew their YPT every year. The YPT certificates might be a way to enforce that requirement.


My council is one of those that wants a YPT certificate that will be valid for the whole term of the charter. But again, they can quickly do that with a YPT report and look at the date that it is valid through without requiring certificates EXCEPT for when there is problem.

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Hi Frederick,
That is what I habe done in the past. I might send them an email to see if this would be OK. If not we will go with the individual certificates
Thank you stay safe

I printed the Adult YPT report from Scoutbook.

I do the same. It is efficient for a unit. I am told that some councils will not accept this and want the certificate.


Those councils need to have a thorough cleaning of their executive committees.

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Issue has been resolved.
Please close topic. Thank you.