YPT expire date is incomprehensible, which makes me sad

at My Scouting, the date for one own’s YPT expiration is incomprehensible. For me, it says YPT Status: Expires 1-30d.


For that field, please provide information that is understandable to mere mortals.


That means your YPT expires in the next month - in the next 1-30 days.

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Said another way: Your YPT expires within 30 days.

May 14 is in about 16 days.

0-30d is arcane and unintelligible to peasants like me. Can I just get the number of days?

It’s possible a DateTime object is being used, or if not, can easily be used. If so, the DateTime.Subtract() method returns a DateDiff, which has a Days property that will give you this exact number.


You would need to get your Council to open a ticket with National to make such a change.

@ArenCambre - you would see that aging range used in accounts receivables and accounts payable. It is not arcane.

I suspect it’s related to the color-coding scheme that they’re using in the header.

  • Green - Far-future expiration
  • Yellow - Expires in 30-60 days (I think. I can’t find one that looks like this for someone in my unit I can ask to check).
  • Orange - Expires in under 30 days
  • Red - Expired

The range provided explains the color coding, rather than giving a specific number of days until the expiration. I can see arguments either way from an interface perspective, but since it simultaneously displays the expiration date, I’m not sure why it would be a significant issue.


I suspect this is a result of it being a value stored in a fixed-length field, for example in a spreadsheet.

For a plain English report and warning messages: “Your youth protection training (YPT) will expire soon (in 1 to 30 days).” would be nice plain language.

Optional YPT Status Message column?

“YPT Status: Expires in 1 to 30 days.” would be nicer.

Perhaps a “YPT Status Message” column could be added or be an optional column instead of the “YPT Status” column.

Technical Reports

In reference to reporting via the council, it would be nice to have the Jira technical report input format available to non-professionals so that the information needed by BSA® IT department can be provided.

There are different report forms in the Jira system. Submitting a customer care report does not always work well for technical issues.

Created: 2022-04-30, updated: 2022-05-27-C

I will grant that it is possibly familiar to those working in corporate AR or AP. :grin: I am a professional computer nerd, so I am in a different field.

It may not be arcane, but it could be jargon from a particular field.

@ArenCambre that is the status field not the expiration date field so its not going to display a date. Instead it will say Active or expired or in your case provides a warning that it it about to expire in 1-30 days. I’ll grant you that it could be more clearly written but if you would just look deeper into your own post you would see that you posted the Expiration date and it was quite clearly reflected as 5/14/2022.

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@Matt.Johnson - we also use that very same nomenclature with AD and SCCM objects

James, I note this is your first post. Please do not talk down to people as if they are children. I already know that that there are two ways dates are displayed here, and I don’t need you shoving my face into it.

The first date representation is confusing to those who don’t understand that arcane way of describing a time range.

Thank you.

@ArenCambre - that was entirely uncalled for

I disagree. It’s not appropriate to talk down to others here or shove people’s faces into trivial matters. That is not how we build Scouting. It is how we alienate people. I am not in favor of alienating people.

The original request I made at top is that one of the date fields is confusing. I do not need other adults to leave snide remarks like “if you would just look deeper into your own post” to make a point about an obvious matter I wasn’t commenting on.

I think something as simple as changing it to
YPT Status: Expires in 1 - 30 days
Would help a lot. I was confused by the meaning at one point, also.


Error correction

I have corrected an error posted in an update I made to a previous post earlier today (5/27/2022) which was the opposite of what I meant to write.

Thank you for being tolerant of an old Scouter “in his 2nd childhood” who has used computers for decades and is being driven crazy by modern remote server-based editing tools that remove text when there are internet delays, poor spelling correction plug-ins and accessibility tools.


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