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YPT Question- Parents vs Leaders

Since all of my Scouting activities have been cancelled, I have more time on my hands. LOL In light of that, I wanted to ask you guys a quick question regarding the 2 deep leadership requirement for meetings.

I was reading the guide and it states that 2 deep leadership is required for meetings, but then states that having a parent present for merit badge and fundraising events counts as one of the “leaders”. Why are there exceptions for fundraisers, but not Lion/Tiger meetings where parents are required to be in attendance?

Just to clarify- I’m not questioning the rule at all. I just need to understand what makes a popcorn show ’n sell different from a Den Meeting in terms of the eyes of this rule.

(I asked my DE and he gave me an honest answer and said he didn’t know.)

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The exception for Merit Badge and fundraising events state Scout not Scouts. If there are multiple Scouts present, then two registered leaders over the age of 21 are always required.


If you ever figure out the constant inconsistencies of the BSA please let me know. In short, the only rational explanation for a number of the YPT policies that I can come up with is the most likely. Those writing the rules have NEVER been involved in the actual program. They know the program from reading the brochures.


I can see an MBC session involving one Scout but I thought it would be a lot less likely to have only one Scout at a fundraiser (particularly at the Cub level.)

Honestly, I think it would be more consistent to require it always rather than it’s OK for fundraisers but not Lion meetings. (For what it’s worth…LOL)

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