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YPT Re-recertification timelines?

According to ScoutBook and, the periodicity for recertifying your YPT is once every two years. Recently I have heard that it must be done by your unit’s rechartering date EACH year, but that is not reflected in any of the Training resources. What is the truth?

The BSA national requirement is that: “Youth Protection training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer’s Youth Protection training record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be re-registered.”

However, your council might have more strict YPT requirements. Ask your local council to find out.

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As Jennifer indicated, some councils require YPT within the past year to recharter to essentially ensure there’s no chance of it expiring during the upcoming year for which they are rechartering.

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Jack and Jennifer, thank you both. Our Council is one of those Councils that requires it annually, though depending on when you take YPT, it could be closer to 18 months. This could be a burden for SOME volunteers. Thanks again.

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If you have a volunteer that’s unable or unwilling to take an hour-long training class over the course of a year, you may have bigger issues than YPT…

I believe that it is more about his son and Eagle than anything else.

While I agree, just don’t make assumptions about what said issue is. Sometimes it is pushback from ever increasing nanny oversight while councils flaunt the same rules.

John, does your council also apply the same standard to Hazardous Weather training for direct contact leaders?

HW is a training requirement for direct contact leaders since 2018-04-30 and, like YPT, it is only good for two years.

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