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I understand that all adult training is now under my.scouting, but we want to be able to create a report that shows all parents and the date that they did YPT and other training. With my.scouting it only shows the training done by only registered adults. Can we fix this so we can make sure all parents are included? We make all parents do the YPT regardless of being involved or not and it would be easier to track this like it used to be.

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook, there is a “Show Adult YPT Status” report that is available via the Troop Reports menu.

That doesn’t work anymore

I just used it 5 minutes ago.

If the “Show Adult YPT Status” report feature isn’t working for you, please post details in the Feature Assistant forum so Gary can take a look.

Is there a new extension then because we have had a dozen or so redo their ypt a couple of months ago and it still shows their old ones.

Try going to my.scouting.org and go to:

Legacy Web Tools -> Training Validation

Do a direct search based on a parent’s Member ID (BSA ID number). And see if you get the same YPT date for the parent.

my.scouting only shows registered adults

The Training Validation tool will show anyone with a BSA ID #. Please pick a parent that you think their YPT date is incorrect and compare it to the “Show Adult YPT Status” feature that is part of the extension.

Will try but the page is still loading after 15 minutes

@CharlesThomas - are you talking about the training validation page ? I clicked on it and the dialog showed up in about 2 seconds.

Yes, I have logged out 3 times and re-logged and still says loading tool

Okay, finally loaded

@CharlesThomas The tool does not work if you use SSO.

I have an adult who completed YPT 2020-02-06. This shows on BSA’s Training Validation. However, the report Show Adult YPT Status gives her date as 2018-11-13, her previous training date.

I took YPT on 2020-01-01, and this shows correctly.

I will post to the Feature Extension pages.

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