Zoom Bombing

With so many scouters using Zoom for virtual meetings, we wanted to remind you about “Zoom bombing” Zoom bombing is hijacking your meeting by someone outside your group. Here is a link with screen shots to show you how to change your Zoom settings and adjust your practices in order to protect your meetings from Zoom bombing: How to Prevent Zoom-Bombing | PCMag.

A tip of the hat to Larry Chase who provides: Zoom upgraded within the last week to add password protection in addition to changing some of the default settings. Folks should be sure to install the upgrade and, if they have “standing/recurring” meetings set up, should consider re-establishing those so that the new protections are in place.

Here is a more recent article that reflects recent actions taken by Zoom and steps you should take now: Zoom ups security to try and prevent 'Zoom-bombing' | TechRadar

I noticed that Zoom has also enlarged their participant ID numbers. They use to be one or two digits, now they are 5 and 6 digits.

Robby Wright