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Zoom meeting ideas or zoom scout games

Do you have any fun zoom scout meeting ideas or scout games that scouts could play via zoom?

iCivics is offering a series of free US government educational online games:


Might be something that scouts could do and “compete” as patrols. Lord knows we could use more civics education in general, since many schools no longer have it in the curriculum at all. It would be great background for the various citizenship-type requirements in both rank and merit badges.

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What about a scavenger hunt game? SPL or Patrol Leader could call out the name of a common item (nothing breakable), and Scouts go off to find the item and bring it back. First Scout (or first patrol) back with the item wins a point.


There are a bunch of Kahoot quizzes on Scout trivia. You’ll need to review them prior to the meeting, though – some of them are pretty Council- or Unit-specific (example: Who is your SPL?).

Also, our OA Chapter did a virtual scavenger hunt at the last meeting – had a list of 20ish things around the house, and everyone had to find them and hold them up to their webcam.


Tracking this conversation as I am looking for ideas as well! Thank u to those who have contributed, much appreciated!


Gimkit.com, skribble.io are also good online games

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Our Scouts had a great time during our first Zoom meeting doing the Virtual Scavenger Hunt. I’d call out the items and the first to return to their screen with the item won. There’s dozens of scavenger hunt lists online.

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did they enjoy it? Did they have to find scout related stuff?

That’s wonderful. I would like for our scouts to have more fun.

They had a lot of fun. Some Scouting-related items, but mostly not. I think they had a woggle and a Scout hat on the list, but also wooden spoon, Sharpie, and other random household items.

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There are pre-made Jeopardy games:

Here are a few that might be helpful.

First Aid Jeopardy Template

Knots & Lashings Jeopardy Template

Scouts Jeopardy Template

Florida Jeopardy Template


This is incredible!!! Thank you so much.

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We did a Hiking Essentials scavenger hunt for cub scouts. I asked each den to find something around the house. The den got two pointsfor finding it, and another point if they new it was an essential item. They had fun running around.

I love the Jeopardy game templates, though…that is awesome.

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We used JeopardyLabs last night! It was fun, but the traditional 5 column, 5 row game was way too long, so I am going to try making some that are 4x4 instead. I found out that you can rename the “teams” to their patrol names.

Thank you for posting. Good stuff!

Our scouts played Pictionary with a general topic virtually. The scouts chose the topic “Animals”. Scout drew with marker (Sharpie) on white paper in front of screen and scouts shouted out answers. The scout who answered correctly went next.
Also, the scouts played charades picking a general topic and then acted out their topic. Progressed the same way as Pictionary.

Our troop was going to create a Kahoot game for our upcoming troop meeting, but we recently found out that Kahoot now has a free tier and a paid tier. (Find out more here). The free tier only allows 10 people to play at the same time…I remember when it used to be free for anyone with no limits.

Just a heads up if anyone was going to look into the Kahoot option. This would be a good option if your troop/patrol is less than 10.

We just had a meeting and we did “I spy…” with everyone’s room. I also found this link where you can make bingo cards. https://myfreebingocards.com/bingo-card-generator/edit/aw7fs

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A twist on the scavenger hunt idea (thanks for the great idea): Me and a couple youth leaders are working with a group of scouts that are working on their scout rank. We are having them do the scavenger hunt, but by finding 3 items around their house that represent a different point in the Scout Law. Setting a timer for 3 minutes. We are leaving it open for them to decide on the 3 points. When they get back, we should cover quite a few of the points and it gives them a chance to move around and think quickly!

Great site! Thanks for sharing.