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Zoom troop meetings a smashing success

We have a Troop of 80+ boys. Since the quarn, we have been holding weekly Troop meetings via zoom. 1. There is a waiting room where we only let in people that we know (by their “zoom handle” names that we have in advance).
2. We DO NOT Record the program.
3. Once inside, we have our SPL share the screen with a flag raising from Youtube.
4. We then assign breakout rooms where our patrols or younger and older scouts meet. During those breakouts we play games like trivia, wheel of fortune, jeopardy, using screen share and the chat feature. We also play name that tune. Before we play a game, we usually do a demonstration like knot tying and whatnot. After making sure they know the skill, we go to the game.
4A. If you have a smaller troop you may not need a breakout room.
5. It works amazingly well and keeps our boys engage.
6. We are working on a virtual campout right now and also a virtual merit badge series (we do not teach MBs during meetings) on selected merit badges.

If you are not having virtual meetings, you are not doing your best. If you have questions on how to use zoom, go to my website www.spencefirm.com and I have a handout in one of my blog posts on how to use it. You can also MS Teams or Google. You have to have the adult and the youth leaders with shared hosting privileges.


We have 35 Scouts. We are using Zoom with great success. We have had a Talent Show where each Scout showed off their talent such as piano, magic, etc. We have had a virtual campfire. The Scouts enjoyed singing Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah with the words on screen. We had a virtual family dinner with each Scout cooking for their family keeping in mind the family heritage and then sharing that connection of the menu to the heritage. Last night we had a game night using kahoot.com. We traded off doing fun trivia games and then trivia games associated with Scouting. Our main goal with this is to keep the Scouts thinking Scouting and that they still have a Troop. As the old commercial stated “Try it, you’ll like it”.

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