Activity Logs: "Category" and "Collaborative Org" greyed out for Service Hours

When creating an Activity Log for Service Hours, I’m getting an error that “Category” and “Collaborative Org” must be filled in. However these are grey and when I click on them, it is impossible to fill them in. Help.

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This has been reported previously this weekend. We have notified the developers.


How will we know when this is fixed?

Watch the Internet Advancement Change Log

So we can’t enter Service hours in scout book and we have to keep and eye on a log when it is fixed. Is there anyway to get an email or other notification when it is corrected, thanks.

You can subscribe to the Change Log by setting it to “Watching”. The pulldown menu to change the status is at the bottom of the category. This will email you when the change log is updated.


Can only Watch a topic cannot seem to watch the log itself? Am I missing something. I would assume the September 30th information is released and updated on September 30th?

There’s a “bell” icon at the top of the category in the mobile interface that allows you to set the notification status for the category. Not at a desktop at the moment.

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Charley, thanks (19, 20 adding more characters just to post)

Also works on desktop

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