Add event reminders to ics feed

We have switched from using Google Calendar for our Troop to using Scoutbook. It appears the ics feed from Scoutbook does not include event reminders. So parents that add the troop calendar to their phone are not getting popus before events, even though we have a reminder set in Scoutbook.

Also, could be we get reminders for 30 minutes as an option. 1 hour seems too far from some events such as scout meetings.

Right now reminders are just emails - not a notification

Are there plans to add Reminders to the ics feed? ICS supports reminders.

I can make a ticket for it and see - it is a good idea

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That would be great. Right now I manually add the reminders in the iOS calendar app.

I know to do that. My parents aren’t going to know that.


I made a ticket - but doing some research I am not sure how stable valarms are across the OS’s - It seems iOS might have disabled them - and Only one alarm is 100% reliable it seems. IT will have to research if they proceed.

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