Add New Scout in Patrol Menu

When I click add new scout at the bottom of the patrol page, it takes me to my dashboard instead of letting me add a new scout.

All your Admin positions are closed - you can have an admin add them back - or you might be part of a bug that is effecting some admins

It’s telling the SM that I expired due to not rechartering, however I am still active until 2025 on the my.scouting roster.

For what unit? @MiriWilliamson

Troop 404 in Georgia Carolina Council. I somehow got an expiration date put on my position.

Kat Williamson

it says you are a unit admin for 404G

My SM made me an admin again, but no one knows how i keep getting expiration dates applied. It seems to happen when i click add scout.

Why are you trying to add a Scout manually? If the Scout is registered with the unit, they should automatically appear on the unit’s roster in Scoutbook.

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Someone had informed me that’s how you transfer from pack to troop. I have learned otherwise.

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