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Adding a practice scout to roster

Is it possible to add a fictitious “practice” scout to the troop roster? I am a hands on learner. I need play around with a program before I’m comfortable with it. I don’t want to accidentally alter any scouts records while I’m trying to do something for the first time. I am a Scoutmaster and a MB Councilor so I have full access.

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There’s a demo environment that might work for you. I’m not sure if these are the latest instructions, but they’re the ones I know about:

ETA: It looks like the new URL for the demo environment is https://scoutbookpp.scouting.org/. It redirected automatically for me, but since I know folks have been having various issues with the inter-domain redirects, I wanted to post it here for completeness.

Since this is a shared environment, there’s a near-unity likelihood of things changing between visits. I’ve never actually had things change while I was at the site, but I also tend to fiddle with it well outside what might be considered “normal” hours. That means my main competition is from other night-owls or folks west of Pacific time. :^)


No harm in making a test scout either. You can delete it later.

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