Adding new invitees to existing events

In the new IA calendar, how do we add new invitees? We have several months worth of events in SB calendar/IA calendar and we want to add the new scouts and parents without the all time consuming effort of updating each event individually.

You can use the Feature Assistant extension to add invitees, even with the new IA calendar.

But do you have to edit each event individually and then add them like with the options present…or is there some sort of option that will mass add them without having to go into each event separately? I’m not able to find a mass add button yet.

The feature assistant extension gives you an option to select the people you want added and the events you want them added to. I believe it appears on your scoutbook dashboard.

In the long run, there is a plan to automatically add new members.

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Think it is my dashboard > Events to find the feature

The extension automates the event by event update so you don’t have to.

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