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Admin with random scouts permissions downgraded

I have a COR who shows in SB as COR and Unit Admin(by the way have both unapproved and reapproved both position) He seems to have random scouts who he has only edit advancement on. Upon investigation it seems these scouts are also connected to him as a MB counselor. which seems to be trumping his admin status. I have tried to update in connection manager with no success also did a position update from VST

MID 2059082


Suac folks any thoughts

Did you try removing the MBC connections to confirm that’s the issue?

I just checked my troop and don’t see this issue with unit admins who have an MBC connection.

When did they last try resetting their admin position? There was an issue with some admin positions that was fixed yesterday morning. It might be worth another try.


There was an issue with connections that was fixed Friday morning. Admins were seeing strange behavior. Has the COR tried since then?

ok did a reset of connections and unapproved reapproved yesterday afternoon with no luck. this morning it is fixed.


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