Adult account issue

I have a troop committee member that can access account and when I pull the roster there is a yellow flag next to his name and gives error SB-2882

@DennisDeVous this individual is not registered currently - - searching by name on image (which I removed for PII) he has not been registered since 2015

a unit key 3 can go to and look at roster - maybe there is a different bsa#

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Based on what @DonovanMcNeil found, the path to resolution involves getting in touch with your registrar (and whomever handles new leader applications and/or rechartering) to verify that an adult leader application was submitted for that person. If not, they will need to submit a leader application.

ETA: @DonovanMcNeil makes a good point that there might be a different BSA ID/person record for that individual.

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