Adult Leader Change in Scoutbook and IA March 15

Please note implementation date change.

Effective March 15, 2021, Scoutbook’s leader invite process will perform a check for a BSA issued MemberID and active BSA registration when being invited to connect with the unit roster.

Prior to April 12, unit leaders should check their rosters in Member Manager at to ensure all adult leaders listed in Scoutbook and IA are also registered on the official roster or otherwise with the BSA. Action should be taken with the local council to ensure all adult leaders are registered with the BSA. After that date, adults not registered in the BSA will be removed from adult leader unit rosters in Scoutbook and IA…

If you have questions about this change, you can ask them on the Using Scoutbook forum here.

On the unit roster in Scoutbook, unregistered adult leaders will appear having a yellow triangle with an "!" next to their name. Often this is caused by the wrong BSA member ID in their Scoutbook profile. This can be changed by the user with Manage Member ID at For assistance, contact your local council or ask on the forums: On April 12, 2021 they will be removed.

Note that some Executive Officers (IH) may have a unregistered indicator next to their name because of how they are included in a unit's registration. Even though they have an indicator, they will not be removed.

Note: unit leaders can find correct member IDs in the Roster tool or at or by contacting your local council