Adult on Recharter & SB, but not my.scouting

I have an adult, BSA ID 136868544. He is listed in Scoutbook, and is on my Recharter roster, but he is not listed in my roster in my.scouting. Can you please check and see if he was ever a registered adult? and, does the recharter roster load from SB/IA, or my.scouting?

@KevinStone this is a council question as that number was not registered in 2023

Like @DonovanMcNeil said, council question, but for now, you can end his membership in Scoutbook right now.

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Shouldn’t Recharter load from the official roster?

100% yes. Not sure why @KevinStone is seeing something different. I think that is why @DonovanMcNeil says to bring the issue to the council as it seems to be a bug.

@KevinStone - does the refresh roster help in recharter module

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