Adult payment logs with multiple units

I find a payment log for my (adult Scouter) profile in Scoutbook at:
My Dashboard > My Account > My Payments Log.
I see a payment log for my younger Scout’s Pack. I do not see a method to switch to my older Scout’s Troop. What am I missing? I’m sure there is a way to toggle between units like there is to toggle between Dens or Patrols elsewhere in Scoutbook. Please help me find this functionality. The Forum search was no help to me. Thank you in advance.

@MarkEarnest - do you have a section in that is called my family and does it list both of your scouts ?

The My Family section shows both my Scouts and their units. I can click on them and see the payment log associated with whichever Scout I click.

@MarkEarnest - is that what you were looking to do ?

In Scoutbook, go under my account > my positions and change which one is default.

In My Account > My Positions, there are three positions marked default: Assistant Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Counselor, Cubmaster. Even if I switch two of them off, the accounts page only shows one at a time and does not provide an easy way to change which payment log is displayed. It sounds like this is something that should exist for all of us who are adults in multiple units.


There is a bug in SB that allows multiple default positions. To select which payment log you see, you need to set the default position on your My Positions page. Yes, it is cumbersome but this is the only switch available for payment log.

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