Adult & Youth Scoutbook attendance

When will Scoutbook change or set an option to view attendance percentage of youth only? Why do we need to see the participation percentage of parent adults? Does not make any since to me.

Are you referring to the event page or the attendance report?

Error messages are being received here when attempting to enter troop meetings or activities.

@JohnMorrison1 If this isn’t related to the attendance percentage, it may be best to start a new post. You will also have to be more specific about what the error messages say when you do what specific action.

Attendance report and percentage of participants. We have more parents in scoutbook then scouts. Therefore, say you have 20 scouts, and you have 45 adults connected to the troops scoutbook. On an outing you have 15 scouts ( 75% Scout participation) and three adult leaders. Scoutbook does not show the 75% of scouts participating; instead it calculates a percentage for all that are connected to the troops scoutbook. Therefore, the percentage given is roughly 28% participation. This now looks like a poor outcome in the outing participation.

I hope I explained my thoughts ok to be understood.

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