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Advancement screen for scout showing duplicate adventures

My son’s advancement page shows 7 adventures that he did as a tiger twice. The ones he did as wolf is fine. Any ideas on what could be causing that?

Look at his membership page make sure he only has one membership

In his past memberships it did show him in the Tiger den twice but I removed the the 2nd one today and it still shows the dups. I thought that was the problem also, unless it takes time to update.

Log out then back in

Nope, that didn’t work.

So does not have a pack & den membership?

Here is a pic of what is showing, just for reference.Scoutbook

Yes, it shows his current pack and den for Bear and two past dens for tiger and wolf.

Do shot of membership page cutting out name

Sometimes 2 dates can exist just hard to find

Here you go.

I suspect that there are 2 different versions (years) of the adventures in the database. Ask a Pack Admin to help. A Pack Admin can Export / Backup the Scout Advancement file and take a look to see if the adventures are in there twice.

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