April 15, 2024 New Calendar Updates

Bug Fixes

  • ASAP Reminders
    • ASAP reminders have been re-enabled after fixing an issue with the event time. The event time will now be shown in the local time zone, however it is in 24 hour time. We have asked that this be changed to 12 hour time. Note: the e-mail is still signed Boy Scouts of America. A fix is in progress to change this.
  • Add Unit/Subunit
    • An issue that caused the Add Unit/Subunit on the edit calendar event screen to say Add Individual has been fixed.
  • Description Field
    • New lines will be partially preserved in the description field. Multiple new lines are replaced with a single new line. This will be fixed in a future release to preserve all new lines that are in the description.
  • RSVP
    • An issue preventing parents who are leaders from RSVPing for their children has been fixed. Parents who are leaders will now be able to RSVP for their children by clicking on the > next to “My Youth Connections”

New Features

  • Linked Activities
    • Long Cruise has been added to the types of activities that can be linked to calendar events.
  • Time Picker
    • The time picker has been changed from Hour/Minute/AM-PM spinners to a format more like that used by Google Calendar. A drop down window starting at the current time will be shown. Time granularity is changed to quarter hour (every 15 minutes). The end time will default to 1 hour after the start time. Changing the end time will change the duration of the event. Changing the start time after changing the end time will automatically change the end time to maintain the duration.