April 21, 2022 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Cub Scout History Report
    • An issue that caused the Cub Scout History Report to omit awards for some Scouts has been fixed.
  • Eagle Palms
    • An issue that caused Eagle Palms to be hidden for some Scouts has been fixed.
  • Eagle Rank 2022 Version
    • Requirement 3 - Merit Badges, for Eagle Rank 2022 version has been updated. The Eagle Required Merit Badges are now displayed in the same order as the official requirement.
  • Patrol Admin
    • An issue that prevented the Patrol Admin role from being created when an Assistant Scoutmaster position associated with a Patrol has been fixed.
  • Quick Entry
    • An issue that caused Quick Entry to change already entered dates on requirements and final completion has been fixed. If a date filed is already filled in, Quick Entry will not alter the date.

New Features

  • Conservation Good Turn Award
    • Conservation Good Turn Award has been un-retired.
  • Mobile Carrier Support
    • Xfinity Mobile is now a supported mobile carrier
  • Quick Entry
    • Payment Log has been added to the Den/Patrol Quick Entry menu
  • Sea Scout Scuba Elective
    • The Sea Scout Scuba elective has been updated with the latest requirements.
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