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April 23, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Eagle Application
    • An issue that caused an incorrect unit to be entered on the Eagle Application for some Scouts registered in multiple units has been fixed. The application will now use the unit selected at the top of the Scout’s page when then Eagle application is generated.
  • Individual Advancement Record
    • Performance improvements have been made to the Individual Advancement Record (Scouts BSA only) so that it generates faster.
  • Manage Approved Merit Badge Counselor List
    • The Manage Approved Merit Badge Counselor List function has been restored for Council Admins.
  • Merit Badge Counselors
    • An issue that caused Merit Badge Counselor positions to be duplicated when a council uploaded the Merit Badge Counselor list has been fixed. The Councils need to upload their Merit Badge Counselor lists again to clear the duplicates.
    • In some cases, a Merit Badge Counselor with expired Youth Protection Training was appearing in the Merit Badge Counselor search results. Any Merit Badge Counselor with expired Youth Protection will now be removed from the search results. They will be restored to the search results the day after Youth Protection Training is renewed.

New Features

  • None