April 27, 2021 Scouting App Change Log

Features and improvements

  • Update to Activities User Interface
  • Show friendly error when logging in with google/apple and user is not authorized to access
  • Support new Preview Adventure: Modular Design for Bear, Webelos and AOL Ranks
  • Remove “Leadership Portfolio” from Exploring
  • Improve User Interface for Scout’s Program Leadership
  • When viewing advancements, pulling down on the page should refresh the screen

Bug Fixes
Fixed the issues where:

  • Inconsistent letter cases is displayed in the Events Card.
  • Unable to Delete Activity Logs.
  • When user is accessing Spanish version, remove tech-placeholder text and default to English
  • The app is crashing after selecting a category when creating Service Log on iOS devices.
  • The app is crashing when checking the All Day checkbox when editing an old activity log.
  • The Modular Design logo is not displayed in the Adventure Requirements page.
  • The View Button is not visible for councils with long name and address in the Profile Page.
  • The Activity Log icons are not displayed in the Advancement Page.